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Stephen Branston

My name is Stephen Branston, I am a 38 year old Designer living in the beautiful town of Varberg, on the windy west coast. I love my job. I am one of the lucky ones that can actually say that “they love there job”, it is a fantastic feeling... For me Design is a way of life, a living, breathing organism. One should always follows there instincts with design, the creativity that flows through oneself when that special design comes together is amazing..........I Love It!!!!!!!!!                
En Trappa Ner is my base for business which is an Art Gallery, Interior and Furniture Design/ Lifestyle butik. Established nearly 2 years ago En Trappa Ner is going from strength to strength.
Pay us a visit, the site is under renovation at the moment but keep us in mind for the future,
you won't be dissapointed...

Happy Reading!...