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The last half year was quite a hectic one with a lot of exhibitions and art projects. Nothing wrong with that, but there was hardly time to think about new work. At the moment I can breath a bit more and I can feel new ideas plopping up in my head to try out. Half oktober I will go to Australian for a big sculpture exhibition (sculpture by the sea, Bondi, Sydney). I will create there on place a site specific work. The idea is ready so I don’t need to spend my time at the moment at that.

I always enjoy the moments in my work that I can try new ideas and get new ideas. It is exciting to discover and try. When I work to long with old work ore ideas I get a kind of bored. The last years I worked a lot with old leaves and broken trees. At the moment I am fascinated by Lav. I like to look on wikipedia and the swedish wiki writes about Lav:

lavar har det vetenskapliga namnet Lichenes och är organismer bildade av ett symbiotiskt förhållande mellan en svamp och en alg, eller ibland en cyanobakterie. Svampens roll är att utgöra stödjevävnad och skydd samt att suga upp vatten, medan algen genom fotosyntes bidrar med energi.

The symbioses is for me the interesting part, beside the beautiful looks of lav. Lav can only exist with the symbioses. When one part of the cooperation is not working, there will be no lav. All the factors, like clean air, the right bottom, the svamp and the alg need to be there. As humans we could learn of lav in working together!

I took a lot of photos of lav and at the moment I try to make my own lav with crocheting. What it will be ore bring me I don’t know yet, we will see. At the moment I mostly enjoy playing with yarn and get a free head again.