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Every friday in this month we (Greger and me) have workshops with school children in Eksjö. The museum where we have the exhibition (see my first blog post this week) organized this. We decided to learn the children something about mandalas with nature materials. First we show them our exhibition and talk about the relation with nature and after that the make mandalas in groups. We collected all kind of materials from the forest and stones etc. The results are very nice and it is amazing to see how the children work. Today we had first a group of 14 year old children, after that a group of 8-9 years old. A big difference in approach of the different groups. The younger children really play with the materials and are not afraid to try. The 14 years old worked as well very well but were way may careful and did not really dare. Some photos of the working process and of the results.




Darsa, Noah, Hugo

Anton, Tindra, Erik

Alice, Kim, Clara, Liam