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The autumn in the Netherlands was for me always a season with storms and rain. I like storms, I like autumn. I like the feeling of changing and cleaning up. In Sweden I still like the autumn. The storms made place for beautiful leaves. The forest in this time of the year is just fantastic and several of my works are inspired by autumn leaves. When I walked home from my work my eyes saw these nice broken leaves. I had to take  them with me and put them in the scanner. The moment that leaves are starting to fall apart is what is trickering me.


Skanna 2

In the work A time for, which I showed already earlier these week, the shapes of the leaves are inspired on these broken leaves. I emphasize even the holes in the leaves with a crocheted line.




My head is spinning on a new idea (next to the lav ideas) with this broken leaves. Maybe I continue with the leaves made from birch bark, maybe I try again in paper. The two next photos showed that I tried earlier to make leaves in paper, but sometimes you can feel you are not 100% ready with a work. The first photo shows brown paper leaves where I sewed on. I focused more on the shape of dry leaves. The second photo shows the same kind of leaves but then placed on thin sticks. The idea here was more to look at the movement of the autumn leaves. This work won in Germany 3 weeks ago the first prize. Very fun to win a prize! And a big honor!

to remember, detail klein

to remember 2

Where all my new ideas will end I don’t know yet. But if you want to know please follow me on my website. When I made new work I will put photos on that site (although sometimes it can take a while)

the adress is :

This post is my last post on this blog and I have to say, writing is difficult. I knew that already before that I am not a writer, and in another language I feel even more handicapped.

Thank you all for reading and enjoy the rest of the day!

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